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Bartender Kit ProBarRoll, Überbartools

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Bartender Kit ProBarRoll, Überbartools
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Bartender Kit ProBarRoll, Überbartools

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Bartender Kit ProBarRoll, Überbartools

Article number: 3682
Lenght (cm): 35,5
Diameter (cm): 10,9
Material: water-resistant PVC
Colour: black
Weight (kg): 1,3
The bartender kit ProBarRoll by Überbartools includes 11piece set of bartools, perfectly suitable for every bartender.
The bag is made of water resistant PVC, has a small carrying handle and a removable shoulder strap. Rolled up the bag will be held together with two side release buckle and two zipper. Velcro tape and elastic will keep all tools in place. Each side has four small ventilation holes. You can easily transport damp bartools.

The set contains:
- barspoon
- muddler
- double strainer
- cap lifter
- jigger
- bar knife
- peeler
- lemon zester
- corkscrew
- two pourer

The bar spoon (ProStirrer) has a twisted handle, is made of stainless steel and has a small muddler at one end. You can easily crush herbs, fruit or sugar. use the spoon to stir or layer cocktails. Furthermore the set includes a high quality muddler (ProStik). The removable head is made of stainless steel and silicone and is waffle shaped. Due to the heavy weight and tapered middle, the handle lies well in the hand. It´s made of matt stainless steel.

The close-meshed strainer should be used for double strain. The small flap on top is usuable as a support and for hanging it up. The elegant cap lifter is made of polished stainless steel. It is flat and can easily be stored in every pocket. The rounded edges guarantee you a fast and safe working process. Another tool in this great set is the jigger (ProJig). It has two measering cups. One cup has a capacity of 3cl, the other one is divided in three different sized chambers (0,5cl, 1cl, 1,5cl). The jigger is made of impact-resistant plastic material (polycarbonate).

The small bar knife is made out of one piece and has a light, hollow handle. The blade has a length of approx. 8,5cm and is usuable for peeling and cutting fruit and vegetables. The peeler has a small flap at the end for hanging it up. The blade is on top, the peeler can be used by right- and left-handed. It´s suitable for peeling fruit like kiwis, oranges and many more. The lemon zester has five small, sharped edged holes at the top. It´s usuable for lemons, oranges or limes. Due to the small flap at the end you can hang it up. The peeler and zester have hollow and light handles. The bar knife, peeler and zester are made of stainless steel.

Two pourer and one corkscrew are the last items in this set. The pourer (ProFlow) are made of plastic. The top end is chrome-plated. The long cork will cling perfect into the bottle and will prevent dripping. Due to the generous opening you can easily use the pourer with liqueur and syrup as well. The corkscrew is made of metal and the handle is black. It has a small knife, a corkscrew and a double lever cork lifter. Use the small knife to cut off the foil capsule at the bottle neck. The double lever cork lifter has small bottle opener at one side. You can use the opener for common crown corks. The corkscrew is an essential tool for every barkeeper.

This practical set in a small bag provides you a lot of bartools right at your hand. It can be used by professionals as well as hobby-mixer. two pourer, one peeler, one lemon zester and one corkscrew.

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