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Cocktail Set 2 - size L - Prime Bar

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Cocktail Set 2 - size L - Prime Bar
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Cocktail Set 2 - size L - Prime Bar


Cocktail Set 2 - size L

Order No: 2986
€33.61 excl. Tax, equates to €39.99 incl. Tax* €39.99 incl. Tax, equates to €33.61 excl. Tax*
Immediately start with preparing cocktails for your party because all main bar supplies are composed in this set! The products are made of high quality which perfectly equips your bar and this set is going to please you for a long time.
The Cocktail Set Size L contains 11 essential bar tools and is completed by a package of drinking straws. It is suitable for advanced and professional bartender, while also providing beginners and hobby mixer with useful tools.

The set contains:

- 1 twopartite cocktail shaker
- 6 pourer
- 1 bar spoon
- 1 jigger
- 1 strainer
- 1 muddler
- Jumbo Drinking straws (135pcs.)


The cocktail shaker is made of stainless steel and consists of a cup and a goblet. Both parts close up seamlessly and prevent leaking if used in the right way. Moreover, the shaker has a capacity of 500ml and a brushed surface. Use this cocktail shaker to prepare and serve drinks like a Sex on the Beach or Hurricane.


These six chromed pourer are made of plastic and have a slow flow rate. The fins will fit perfectly different bottle sizes and will ensure a dripping-free pouring. Use these pourer for bottles with a bottleneck diameter between 17,5 and 22,5cm. Please note, these pourer should be used with thin liquids, spirits or juice.

Bar Spoon and Jigger

The bar spoon is made of stainless steel and has a twisted handle. Therefore, it is easy to grab and handle. Moreover the spoon has a length of 28,0cm and is suitable to prepare and stir classical cocktails as well as a measurement unit and for portioning. The jigger is made of stainless steel as well and is equipped with two cups with a capacity of 3 and 5cl. The insides of both cups are equipped with a scale in 2ml steps. This way, you can exactly measure the ingredients you will need.

Strainer and Muddler

The simple and practical strainer can be placed on top of the cocktail shaker to strain the finished drink into the guest´s glass. Thereby it will hold back coarse ingredients such as ice cubes, fruit pieces and kernels. The strainer is equipped with four stilts to ensure a perfect and safe hold. The muddler is made of beechwood and has a tenderizers end. Moreover, it has a length of 22,0cm and is usable to crush limes to prepare delicious Caipirinhas. Surely, you can also use the muddler for other fruits as well.

Jumbo Drinking Straws

The included drinking straws are perfectly suitable for cocktails, longdrinks and non alcoholic drinks. They are made of plastic and have a black colour. Finally, they have a length of 25,0cm and a diameter of 0,7cm.

Customerquestions to Cocktail Set 2 - size L - Prime Bar

Customer: a customer at 5/30/2016 4:13 PM
Question: Welchen Durchmesser hat der Shaker?
Our answer: Der 2-tlg. Shaker von BAR AID hat einen Durchmesser von 9cm.

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