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Tiki Mug Easter Island, beige - 420ml

  MPN : 2769
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Tiki Mug Easter Island, beige - 420ml
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Tiki Mug Easter Island, beige - 420ml

  MPN : 2769
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Tiki Mug Easter Island, beige - 420ml

Order No: 2769
€9.40 excl. Tax, equates to €11.18 incl. Tax* €11.18 incl. Tax, equates to €9.40 excl. Tax*
Capacity (ml): 420
Height (cm): 16,5
Diameter (cm): 8,2
Material: ceramics

This classical Tiki mug is easy to grab and has the shape of a head of a typical stone statue from the Easter Islands.
This massive Tiki mug has the shows the face of a man. This kind of stone statue can be found on the Easter Islands. The face on this mug has a wide nose and deep set eyes. Moreover, the elongated face has full lips and a prominent chin. This Tiki mug has a capacity of 420ml and a beige colour. Use this mug to serve delicious and classical cocktails such as "Beachcomber Tiki Cocktail".

Beachcomber Tiki Cocktail

0,5oz freshly squeezed lime juice
0,5oz grapefruit juice
0,5oz Apricot brandy
0,5oz syrup
Dash Angostura Bitters
1/8 tea spoon Pernod
1,5oz Demerara Rum
6oz crushed ice
Fill all ingredients into a shaker cup and shaker vigorously. Pour the cocktail into the Tiki mug and garnish with mint leaves and a orchid.

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