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Tiki mug - two-faced (414ml)

  Libbey number : 02-23-114
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Tiki mug - two-faced (414ml)
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Tiki mug - two-faced (414ml)

  Libbey number : 02-23-114
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1 Tiki mug

Order No: 2018
€8.68 excl. Tax, equates to €10.33 incl. Tax* €10.33 incl. Tax, equates to €8.68 excl. Tax*
Height (cm): 12,0
Diameter (cm): 10,0
Capacity (ml): 414
Material: glass
Two in one. This Tiki mug is made of glass and on the one hand you find a friendly face and on the opposite side you find an angry and vicious face. The cup is half-round and is sidewise equipped with two handles. The base is round and slightly raised. Finally this Tiki mug is simply to clean and very durable. Surprise your guests with this two-faced Tiki mug.

The golden age of Tiki was from the mid 1950s to the mid 1970s. It was the most strongest phenemonen in American pop culture because it became realised and visible in several areas. Whether music, anthropology, architecture, the fashion, the food, art or drinks, all get influenced by this Tiki culture. Therefore the Tiki culture spreaded out and touched the younger and the younger at heart likewise. America had a romantic relationship to this old Polynesian culture.

Western explorers named the wooden or stone figurs across the South Pacific "Tiki". The Amercan fast and easily adapted the Tiki culture because the population were looking for distraction from the Cold War, rat-race, the Atomic Age and the past world war two America. The Tiki culture become stronger and a tropical feeling touched the towns and cities of the US. Polynesia was the incarnation of the real Garden Eden. Jean Jacques Rousseau said that the real simple, natural and uncivilized human being is the ideal. The legend of the Polynesian Garden of Eden was born.

In the 1920s the "Hula Girl" became the dominant symbol of men´s realized dreams: passion, warmth, sex and uncomplicated love. Men liked this "Hula Girl" very much because it is the total opposite to war, fight and death. Therefore bowling alleys, restaurants, bars, apartments and hotels were build after the Tiki culture´s idea of Polynesian simplyness and escapism. The main symbols and main trends were:
- the "Hula Girl" - the rum cocktail; especially after the prohibition, fruity and tropical rum cocktails were famous - in the late 1950s the ancient Hawaiian sport "surfing" became popular - the Polynesian gods, the so called "Tikis" So the modern America combined its own imagination of ancient exotic culture with its own culture. The launch of the today well known Tiki mug completed the whole Tiki culture during the 1950s. But no one knows when and where these, so called Tiki mugs were designed and firstly appeared.

Customerquestions to Tiki mug - two-faced (414ml)

Customer: a customer at 6/12/2017 2:58 AM
Question: Will you ship to the United States?
Our answer: Yes, we shipping to the USA.
Customer: a customer at 5/9/2015 2:27 AM
Question: where are these glasses made?
Our answer: This tiki mug is made in the USA.

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