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Watermelon - Riemerschmid Syrup (0,7l)

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Watermelon - Riemerschmid Syrup (0,7l)
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Watermelon - Riemerschmid Syrup (0,7l)


Watermelon - Riemerschmid Syrup (0,7l)

Order No: 025-21

delivery in 1-5 business days*

eq. €9.31 to 1 L eq. €8.70 to 1 L
€6.09 excl. Tax, equates to €6.52 incl. Tax* €6.52 incl. Tax, equates to €6.09 excl. Tax*
Colour: light red, bright
Taste: fruity melon
Aroma: sweet, ripe and fruity melone
Applications: cocktails, cooking, baking, desserts and fruit punch
Net quantity (l): 0,7
The Watermelon originated in South Africa. It consists to 95% of water and is therefore extremely popular during the summer time. The flesh has a shiny red or yellow colour and a juicy, aromatic, slightly sweet and slightly tart taste. Bring the joy of warm summer days to your bar with Riemerschmid's Watermelon Bar-Syrup.


2cl Riemerschmid Watermelon Bar-Syrup
2cl vodka
2cl lemon juice
Pour all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake vigorously. Fill the mix in a chilled shooter glass.

vegan, gluten free

Ingredients: sugar, water, acidifying agent: citric acid (E330), flavouring, preservative: sodium benzoate (E211), colouring concentrate from safflower, colouring agent: anthocyan (E163)

Average nutritional value per 100ml:
Energy: 1451kJ/341Kcal
Fat: 0g, saturated fat: 0g
Carbohydrates: 85g, sugar: 85g
Proteins: 0g
Salt: 0,003g

Responsible food company:
Riemerschmid Sirup Erding GmbH, Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 2, 85435 Erding

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The founder Anton Riemerschmid was born in Burghausen, Germany in 1802. He was trained master dyer. 1862 he launched the "Riemerschmid-Reischle´sche Handelslehranstalt für Frauenzimmer" in Munich. At that time it was the first girls school for economics and it is still in progress. The manufacturer Anton Riemerschmid and his authorized signatory would a private, worldly educational institution for commoner daughters and they would grow workers for the German economy.

The master dyer Anton Riemerschmid was versatile busily and committed. Because 1835 he became a shareholder of the "Königlich-Bayerischen privilegierten Weingeist-, Spiritus-, Likör- und Essigfabrik Tip & Bigl" and renamed the company in "Tip, Bigl & Riemerschmid". Finally in 1852 Anton Riemerschmid took on the company and he was the only shareholder. 1870 he re-opened the factory on the Prater island in Munich and built accommodations for his employees as well. Many people were interested in the new production process. Some famous scientists came and investigated in the huge factory of Anton Riemerschmid.
Since 1996 is the Riemerschmid company a part of the Underberg Group.

Riemerschmid is well known in the Bar scene and by end users. The company has two trades: the Bar-Syrup and the Fruit-Syrups. Around about 25 Bar-Syrups and 10 Fruit-Syrups enrich the Bar scene. You can use them for mixing, as a sweetener, getting a better taste, for aromatizing and for refine dishes.

The Bar-Syrups do have a perfect mobile consistency which makes you faster working. The Bar-Syrup is versatile because of its high solubility and intensive taste. Due to the less amount of fruits does the Bar-Syrup has good features like yield, additional flavouring and long shelf life.
The designed bottle has an ingrained scala for the syrup level. On the XXL bottleneck you find different coloured banderoles which show you the content easily. Because of the grip is the bottle due to your hand.
Elaborate cocktails, milkshakes, long drinks and hot beverages like tea and coffee with the Riemerschmid Bar-Syrups.