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Wind ashtray - porcelain (10cm)

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Wind ashtray - porcelain (10cm)
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Wind ashtray - porcelain (10cm)

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Wind ashtray - porcelain (10cm)

Order No: 1951
€1.71 excl. Tax, equates to €2.03 incl. Tax* €2.03 incl. Tax, equates to €1.71 excl. Tax*
Packaging unit: 1 piece
Diameter: 10cm
Height: 6,5cm
Material: poprcelein
Whether the noble look, the heat resistance or the smooth surface, there is always time to put a good looking porcelain ashtray on the table. The ashtray should be easy to clean and heat resistant. Furthermore it impresses with its stackability and it can be imprinted. The wind ashtray consists of two pieces. The top is round shaped and has a wide rim. Therefore the ash and the cigarettes will not be winded around. Compare the pale and the glossy surface with each other and you have to decide: whether a good looking porcelain ashtray which impresses with its versatility and simple look or a heavy neutral glass ashtray. However the porcelain ashtray can break during your rushy work.

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