Hoshizaki ice makers

Hoshizaki ice cube makers meet the highest standards. Hoshizaki is a company that has installed its ice cube makers in hotels and bars worldwide. If you don't want your cocktails to be heavily watered down, Hoshizaki is the right choice for you. The ice makers are reliable and inexpensive to maintain. With proper maintenance and a water filter, the devices can achieve a long service life. Hoshizaki is one of the world market leaders in this area.

What you should consider before buying

Would you like to buy an ice cube maker for your gastronomy or for your private bar? Please note the installation location, ice maker capacity, fresh water and waste water connection, water quality and pay attention to the right type of ice.

Location of the ice cube maker
A distinction is made between ice cube makers in different device classes: built-in, substructure and free-standing, water and air-cooled. A cool location is advantageous for all versions, as the amount of ice produced depends on the ambient and water temperature. The warmer it gets in a cocktail bar, the longer the machine needs for a cycle. The Hoshizaki ice cube makers can work in a temperature range between 5 °C and 40 °C.

Ice machine capacity
When deciding on the size of an ice cube machine, pay attention to the production time (kg/24h) and the capacity of the storage container. Different areas of application require different machines. Hoshizaki has equipment for almost every need. Read the case studies that we have set up for you below. The size of the ice machines depends a lot on your mode of operation. The questions you should clarify for yourself in advance:

  • Is my bar open every day of the week??
  • Is it possible to remove ice from the maker and store it temporarily?
  • For which drinks do I need ice?
  • What space do I have for an ice cube machine in my bar?

Once you have answered these questions, you can easily calculate your needs.

Fresh water and waste water connection
The installation site should be chosen so that an easily accessible fresh water connection can be reached, as well as a waste water connection at ground level. To avoid water leaking, the water inlet should be as close to the ice maker as possible. Kinks in the inlet or outlet can quickly lead to water damage in your bar. If a drain near the floor is not possible, you can install a water pump between the drain and the ice maker. This is a safe solution for your ice cube machine even without a waste water dain near the floor.

Water quality and water filter
Depending on the water quality in your area and house, we recommend a water filter for the ice maker. This avoids expensive and frequent cleaning work on the devices. In addition, filters improve the quality of the ice and in most cases ensure even clearer ice cubes. Water filters can reduce limescale deposits in ice cube makers and inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Depending on the quality of the water, the filters have to be replaced, but this can be done quickly in just a few steps. The flow rate and maximum capacity are important to determine the correct filter size for the ice cube machine. The filters need to be replaced after the flow rate has been reached, but after one year at the latest. Your ice cube machine and guests will thank you.

The types of ice offered by Hoshizaki
Hoshizaki offers machines for a variety of ice shapes, the most commonly used being the cube with an edge length of 28x28x32mm. However, other sizes can also be ordered from Hoshizaki:

  • M (25x 25x 23mm)
  • M/L (28x 28x 32mm) 
  • XL (32x 32x 32mm)

 Special shapes of ice cubes:
  • Large ice cubes (48x 58x 48mm) 
  • Oblong ice cubes (58x 103x 48mm) 
  • Cylinder ice cubes (32mm diameter x 45mm height) 
  • Crescent ice (30x 30mm ground surface x 15mm height)
  • Sphere (45mm) 
  • Star-shaped (23x 38x 38mm) 
  • Heart-shaped (23x 40x 40mm)

General information about Hoshizaki's ice cube production

IM ice machines

The IM ice machines work with an almost closed system. The individual chambers are filled with fresh water in each cycle. The ice cubes produced in this way are particularly clear and have the best possible cube shape. Depending on the setting, the cavity in the middle of the cube can be almost completely removed. The smaller the cavity, the longer the machine needs for one cycle. This setting should be made individually for each application and installation site. The doors in Hoshizaki ice machines have removable seals. The seals ensure good insulation and since they can be removed, a quick and easy cleaning of the opening is ensured. Injected polyurethane foam provides good insulation while also reducing melt loss more than other ice machines and reducing ice production cycles. This type of insulation also saves you money and energy. Particular importance was attached to hygiene (HACCP) in the construction of the storage containers. The ice makers are equipped with a closed water system, which ensures protection against contamination in many places. The filters attached to the front are easy to clean and require little time and effort to maintain. The IM ice cube machines are computer controlled and are therefore optimized in the production process without manual settings.

KM ice machines

This type produces crescent shaped ice. This form of ice isn't that common in bars, but it does have its perks. The shape allows a maximum filling of containers. Bottles can also be put into the ice particularly well, since the ice cubes can easily slide past one another. The ice cube machines of the KM series are equipped with a double-sided evaporator and can therefore fill the storage container with ice particularly quickly and cheaply.

FM ice machines

The FM series produces nuggets, which are ideal for use as crushed ice. The machines in this series can also be ordered as flake ice machines. However, these are not used in the bar and are often used to cool food in the display. We focus more on the nuggets as the type of ice produced here can be used for mixing and for certain cocktails. The Hoshizaki FM devices also have an automatic water drain function, deep-drawn storage tanks with rounded corners for better cleaning and new electronics with a status display for minimized service costs.

Hoshizaki is one of the world's largest companies...

chiller and ice maker companies with decades of experience. This company was founded in Japan, specifically in Nagano, in 1947. The founding father of Hoshizaki was Shigetoshi Sakamoto, who, among other things, has made a name for himself with patents that protect the environment and resources. Initially, ovens, vending machines, freezers and refrigerators, water treatment systems, dispensers and refrigerated display cases were manufactured, to which an ice maker was added in 1965. The Hoshizaki success story was extended to America in 1981 and in 1992 Hoshizaki also opened up Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Hoshizaki has around 10,000 employees working for Hoshizaki Electric in 10 factories around the world. Today, up to 1 million Hoshizaki ice makers are sold every year because customers rely on innovative and modern Hoshizaki products that follow international standards and impress with their reliability and quality.

This way to the Hoshizaki ice makers in our shop.

Examples for use in the cocktail bar

1) Cocktailbar X is open in the evenings from Thursday to Sunday and has 40 seats, which are occupied twice per evening. Mainly beer and cocktails are served. On average, a cocktail and half a beer are drunk per guest.
We recommend an IM ice cube maker with a daily capacity of approx. 25 kg and a filter with a flow rate of up to 34,000 l at a well-suited location.
2) Cocktailbar & Bistro X is open from Tuesday to Sunday (11 am - 1 am). The places in the guest area are limited to 90 and are occupied twice. Coffee, soft drinks, beer and wine are served at lunchtime, and more cocktails are ordered in the evening.
We recommend an IM ice cube maker with a daily capacity of approx. 35kg and a filter with a throughput volume of up to 34,000 l in a well-suited location.
3) a) A cocktail bar without food with opening times from 8 pm to 3 am is open all week and has around 30 seats, which are occupied three times. Only cocktails are served.
We recommend an IM ice cube maker with a daily capacity of approx. 55 kg and a filter with a throughput volume of up to 45,400 l in a well-suited location.
3) b) A cocktail bar like the previous one, but with 200 seats and double occupancy.
We recommend an IM ice cube maker with a daily output of approx. 240 kg and a filter with a total throughput volume of 136,200 l in a well-suited location.
4) A club operating from Thursday to Saturday, serving about 300 cocktails and 700 long drinks a day.
Here, too, we recommend an IM ice cube maker with a daily capacity of approx. 240 kg and a filter up to a total throughput volume of 136,200 l at a well-suited installation location.
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