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Which goods can be imprinted?

Nearly all products which you can find in our online shop can be imprinted. Thereby articles are good and other articles are rather good for printing. It depends on the size of your advertisement and its durability. We would be pleased to meet you for an one-on-one interview or just send us an email so that we can assist you. Moreover we would like to counsel you the perfectly matching good for imprinting your slogan. 

With which kind of technique you will imprint my logo on the good?

We provide several possibilities of perfectly presenting your personal logo. On the one hand we offer the laser technology, the dabber printing, on the other hand the classic silk screen printing, and the hot stamping as well as the so called "decals". Thereby the corresponding technique depends on the quantity of the requested product. Especially the laser technology and "decals" are qualified for a small number of print jobs. We recommend the dabber printing and the classic silk printing for print jobs which should be presented in several colors. Please remind that the laser technology is not able to show defined colors because they depend on the material. Finally we urge you to choose the hot stamping method for articles which mainly have a smooth surface (e.g. tokens). This kind of marking is very durable. 

Which quantity is recommendable for imprinting?

It depends on your selected article. We already imprint 144 glasses, 25 000 coffee paper cups and even one piece valuable stainless steel gets an imprinting. But the higher the number of items, the less you have to pay finally. Some print techniques are accompanied by print initial costs. These are eventually levied because machines have to be adjusted or special kinds of tools are necessary to be designed and manufactured for creating your personal logo. 

Colors and logo

Many colors make a huge effort and consequently higher costs. Single-colored prints are more cost-effective but for all that usually everything is possible in the matter of colors. If you have the requirement to arrange your costs in a manageable scope, you will restrict yourself to few colors. Moreover some print techniques are only operable with a specific number of colors. Therefore we ask you to email us your logo, so that we better advise you. Otherwise come around and have a look in our direct sale in Berlin, Germany.

Your print data

We kindly ask you to send us your logo only in excellent quality. In other words email it in a *.eps or in a *.tif dataset. If you are not in the possession of a valuable data, we create a reproducible pattern. The cost accounting will be done on basis of actuals.

Example of a calculation
Your request: glasses with single-colored logo print.
The following costs will occur (example):

Dabber printing (example):
144 glasses à (1 Euro) +
print initial costs (80 Euros) +
print (per 0,60 Euros) +
handling (per 0,10 Euros) =
144 glasses with imprint (244,80 Euros).

Laser technology (example):
10 stainless steel shaker à 10 Euros +
adapting (68,70 Euros) +
labeling (per 2,10 Euros) +
handling (per 0,10 Euro) =
10 stainless steel shakers with imprint (199,70 Euros).

Printing techniques

Classic silk screen
In this case the colour gets on the item with the help of a fountain blade. In advance the requested subject gets transfered on the template with the aid of photograhy technique. There are many possibilities to imprint products with this classic silk screen.

Dabber printing
With this printing technique goods like glasses, porcelain, bottle openers, ice buckets, cocktail shakers and several others are nicely to imprint. Thereby the silicone dabber works like a punch because it absorbs the printing pattern and prints it on the selected good. Therefore this technique is recommendable for uneven surfaces and shaped bodies.

Hot stamping
In this case the metal stamp gets heated up for pressing the pattern into the material. Due to the usage of metallised and colourful foils, your imprint gets the according colour and lustre variation. Therefore your product gets a specific touch.

Laser technique
Especially touchy and small items and for creating goods with a durable imprinting, all these items get imprinted with this special kind of technique. It works only with high temperatures. In this case focused light, the laser, modifies the surface or the inner surface because it melts.

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