Straws in different colors and materials lie next to each other.

Drinking straws

Of course: The main purpose of a drinking straw is to provide the hygienic and neutral consumption of a drink. But there is more to it. Our high-quality drinking straws are available in different materials, colors, lenght and diameters. Why? Just imagine the following scenario: You want to serve a small long drink, but only have oversized cocktail straws in store (or the other way around)! That's why you can find short and long, narrow and thick straws in our assortment.

Drinking straws

For a better overview, we have divided our range of different colored drinking straws into groups. The sorting takes place according to straw types (long, short, kink etc.) and material.

Ideal for Cocktails: Jumbo Straws

The straight jumbo drinking straws are slightly longer and thicker than regular straws. They are therefore particularly good for cocktails! Even in the case of sweeping decorations, the length is sufficient to enable drinking enjoyment, and the slightly larger diameter means that smaller pieces of fruit can also be sucked in if desired. Shakes and smoothies can also be enjoyed wonderfully with these straws!

Short (Caipirinha) Straws

These shorter drinking straws (13cm and up) are also known as caipirinha drinking straws. However, they are just as suitable for countless other drinks.
The selection also includes short jumbo drinking straws with a larger diameter, which leave space for thick liquids, pieces or aroma balls.

Drinking Straws with a Kink

... are drinking straws that can be bent in the upper area by an accordion-like structure; they are therefore also called flexible straws. Due to the kinked shape, they can be adjusted particularly well and above all enable a very comfortable posture while drinking. Flex drinking straws were mainly made of plastic. Kinked drinking straws made of other materials, such as metal or glass, are usually rigid and cannot be bent at will.

Glass Drinking Straws

Glass drinking straws are the most hygienic drinking straws. Glass is easy to clean and, especially with uncolored glass, the last bit of dirt inside can be seen (and removed). Drinking straws made of glass are also tasteless, can be used several times and are suitable for hot drinks without restriction, as they neither deform nor conduct heat.

Metal Drinking Straws

Metal drinking straws are particularly stable, durable and available in many lengths. Mostly they are made of stainless steel, which can also be coated in color. This makes metal drinking straws look particularly elegant. They are also reusable and can usually be cleaned in the dishwasher. A straw brush should always be used for the inside. Be careful with hot beverages as the metal can transfer heat to your lips.

Paper Drinking Straws

Paper drinking straws are available in many colors and with patterns and are the cheapest kind of drinking straws. The paper drinking straws are intended for single use.

You haven't found your favorite drinking straw? No problem! We can produce paper drinking straws for you in many different colors and patterns (from pallet quantities). For an offer, please send us an email with the desired dimensions, color and/or pattern of the paper drinking straws.
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