Cocktail Supplies

Cocktail accessories - all the tools for a successful drink!

Apart from a delicious recipe and good ingredients, you need at least a certain arsenal of cocktail accessories to be able to mix cocktails. And, of course, to present and serve them in an appealing way. As experts in the field of bar equipment, the necessary cocktail accessories are of course one of our absolute focal points! In the following we will give you an overview of the essential tools as well as our shop category bar supplies, in which you will find all the important bar tools.

Essential Cocktail Accessories

We would describe the following tools as the basic cocktail accessories; these are always in demand behind the cocktail bar!

Cocktail Shaker
A variety of cocktails calls for a shaker! This is where the ingredients come together and are combined into a drink by shaking. Depending on your preference, you will find your own subcategories for the different types of shakers; For example, we offer 2-part shakers and 3-part shakers as well as the Boston shakers, which are very popular in bars - for the latter, of course, there is also a selection of suitable mixing glasses.

A jigger helps you to dose liquid ingredients precisely and is therefore an indispensable standard in the repertoire! In addition to the very popular 2/4cl versions, we carry jiggers in various sizes (also in 'Fluid ounce').

Bar Spoon
The bar spoon fulfills several functions and is therefore a real multi-tool! Of course, it's mostly used for stirring; it also serves as a unit of measurement (using the abbreviation 'Bl.') in many recipes. Last but not least, it can be used to achieve the desired layering of the ingredients of layered drinks - simply let them run slowly over the back of the spoon into the glass.

A sieve is essential for the undisturbed drinking pleasure of your guests; With its help, after mixing, you can keep solid components such as pieces of fruit and ice residue from getting into the guest glass. An exception is the use of 3-part cocktail shakers, as these already have an integrated sieve.

Muddlers are among the most well-known bar tools. The mortars are made of different materials; you can use them to crush fruit, herbs, spices, and more. The use of a muddler is essential, e.g. when preparing Caipirinhas (squeezing the limes to extract the lime juice).

Additional cocktail accessories

The following items may not be quite as specific as the accessories above. Nevertheless, they are important helpers when preparing ingredients and therefore belong behind the well-equipped cocktail bar: 

Knives & juicers will help you cut fruits and squeeze fresh juice for your cocktails! When you are looking for a juicer, you have the choice between smaller manual squeezers and manual and electric juicers from our 'Machines & Inventory' category. 

For ice production and processing, we carry, among other things, ice makersice crushers and accessories for processing and transporting ice and also ice cube molds. This keeps your cocktails at the desired temperature even after they have been served.

Presentation & garnish

In order to serve the cocktail in style, it is essential to have the right glasses behind the bar! Our 'Drinking Glasses' category is your access to our almost inexhaustible range of glasses – including, of course, an appealingly large selection of beautiful cocktail glasses.

For the final touch we would like to recommend our range of consumables. Among other things, you will find extras such as cocktail decorationsnapkins and drinking straws!

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