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Nachtmann Highland whisky set

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Nachtmann Highland whisky set
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Nachtmann Highland whisky set


Highland whisky set

Order No: 5043-1
€70.58 excl. Tax, equates to €83.99 incl. Tax* €83.99 incl. Tax, equates to €70.58 excl. Tax*
Volume: 750 ml
Height: 240 mm
Diameter: 99 mm
Weight: 1,96 kg

Volume: 345 ml
Height: 102 mm
Diameter: 75 mm
Weight: 350> g

Material: Kristallglas
The Highland whisky set from the works of Nachtmann is a particularly well-matched package with a touch of luxury, ideally suited as a tasteful gift or an elegant enrichment for your own four walls.

The set contains..
- 4 tumblers (different but matched design!)
- 1 whisky carafe

The Highland decanter with its heavy and at the same time delicate shape with artful decoration is ideally suited to present good whiskys in the most appealing way. The carafe doesn't only allow you to take a clear look at the whisky – the unique light refraction also makes things a bit more interesting and helps your favorite drink to shine when you're introducing it to your best friends.

But how would this wonderful piece look when paired with a set of standard whisky tumblers? Spare yourself the trouble, because the package is completed by four well-matched rocks glasses. They all fit the Highland carafe perfectly, but each with a different cut décor to keep things interesting!

All products from the Highland series are made of crystal glass and feature the usual Nachtmann quality attributes: high clarity and brilliance as well as increased break resistance make for long-lasting joy with the Highland set. As a matter of course, you don't have to use the set exclusively for whisky – soft drinks or whatever else it is you fancy might work as well..

Customerquestions to Nachtmann Highland whisky set

Customer: a customer at 5/7/2017 12:19 PM
Question: Wie sieht es mit dem Bleigehalt hier aus? Ich finde das Set wunderschön aber der Beschenkte wünscht sich bleifrei. Habt ihr da was?
Our answer: In diesen Gläsern ist kein Blei enthalten.

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