Speed Shaker

So-called speed shakers are cocktail shakers are in principle most similar to the Boston shaker. Unlike 2 or 3-part cocktail shakers, speed shakers to not require a metal counterpart. In contrast to the Boston shaker, the speed shaker doesn’t even need an additional mixing glass. Instead, the speed shaker is simply placed directly on the guest glass to mix drinks. This way of shaking cocktails saves time and work, but requires particularly thick-walled and robust cocktail glasses that can withstand the mechanical stress from putting on the stainless-steel shaker and shaking with ice. In addition, the use of a speed shakers only makes sense for drinks from which no solid components have to be filtered out after mixing, since the mixing takes place directly in the guest glass. Therefore, no seeds or pulp should be added to the drinks. Speed shakers are mainly used in clubs, discos and at party events where speed is the most important parameter.

Look-wise, speed shakers are almost identical to Boston shakers. Due to their special way of operation, however, they usually have smaller capacities. Otherwise, speed shakers are usually made of stainless steel and are available in coated and / or colored versions that provide better grip or simply a colorful accent.

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