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Bartender Kit LuxRoll, Überbartools

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Bartender Kit LuxRoll, Überbartools
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Bartender Kit LuxRoll, Überbartools


Bartender Kit LuxRoll, Überbartools

Order No: 4997
€282.34 excl. Tax, equates to €335.98 incl. Tax* €335.98 incl. Tax, equates to €282.34 excl. Tax*
Lenght (cm): 38,0
Diameter (cm): 17,0
Material: leatherette
Colour: light brown
Weight (kg): 2,0
This noble bartender kit "LuxRoll" designed by Überbartools convinces with its look and functionality. It is made of leatherette and has a brown/beige colour. The carry strap is removable and equipped with a padding. Moreover, the bag is equipped with a protective inlay and is thereby water-repellent. Rolled together, the bag can be strapped using the two buckles. Finally, the kid is equipped with the following 12 excellent bartools:

- two piece cocktail shaker
- Spray bottle
- Jigger
- Tweezer
- Bar spoon with fork
- Bar spoon with paddle
- Bar spoon with teardrop ending
- Bottle opener
- Ice pick basic
- Ice pick with 3 thorns
- Bar strainer
- Julep strainer

Shaker and Spray bottle

The two piece cocktail shaker, consisting of a goblet and lid, has a capacity of around 500ml. It has a polished surface and is chrome coloured. The shaker stainless steel shaker has an ergonomic design and lies very well in the hand. Fill the goblet with the desired ingredients, add ice cubes and close with the lid. Take off the lid carefully after shaking and pour the drink into the guest´s glass. Rinse the shaker after using and start with the next drink! The spray bottle is made of glass and chrome coloured as well. It has a capacity of 100ml and a height of 14,0cm. Just take off the head (screw-top) and fill the bottle. Additionally, the bottle is equipped with a small lid, which can easily be placed on top of the spray head once you are finished with your work.

Jigger and Tweezer

The jigger is made of stainless steel, has a polished surface and is chrome coloured as well. It is equipped with two angled shaped cups with a capacity of 30 and 45ml. Thereby, you can easily and fast measure spirits. The extraordinary shape ensures a minimum loss and clean pouring. The tweezer is made of stainless steel as well and has a length of 30,0cm. The outside is equipped with ribbed surface in the middle to ensure a firm grip even with damp hands. Use this universal bar tool when garnishing cocktails and handling fruits and vegetables for decorations.

Bar spoons

The bartender kit LuxRoll contains three bar spoons with different endings. All spoons have a twisted handle and are hardly flexible. Moreover, they are made of stainless steel and have a polished surface. These handy bar spoons should not be missing in any bar or bartender´s kit. Finally, all spoons have a length of around 29,0 - 34,0cm. One spoon has a fork at the other end, which can be used when handling fruits and vegetables. Moreover, the fork is equipped with small barbs at the outside. The second spoon is equipped with a paddle, which will help to extract spice powder or grated zest. Finally, the third spoon has a tear drop ending, which can be used as a small muddler to press on herbs, fruit pieces or sugar.

Bottle opener and Ice picks

The bottle opener "Endoblade" is made of stainless steel and has a slightly curved shape. It is equipped with a flattening edge, which can be used to open ring pull cans as well. At the other end you can find a spinnerring made of rubber. The ice picks are made of stainless steel and equipped with rubber handles. One of the picks has one spike, the other pick is equipped with three spikes. The extraordinary design is both stylish and functional. Both picks are equipped with an opening at the end. You can easily place your thumb into it to get more stability.

Bar strainer and Julep strainer

The strainer "BarRay" has a diameter and length if 10,6cm each. The shape looks like a ray with extended fins. The edges - fin tips - serve as stilts to ensure stability when using and pouring a drink. The spring is removable and ensures thereby a proper cleaning. Finally, this bartender kit contains a Julep strainer. It has a triangular shape and can be used as a ice shovel as well. The strainer is equipped with small perforations. Thereby, water will drain fast and easy, the strainer will still keep ingredients such as kernels or fruit pieces.

Get this bartender kit produced by Überbartools for yourself or your lovely ones! It contains all essential bar tools you will need in your professional or private (work)life!

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