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Cocktail Set Boston - Prime Bar

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Cocktail Set Boston -  Prime Bar
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Cocktail Set Boston - Prime Bar


Cocktail Set Boston - Prime Bar

Order No: 5179
€21.00 excl. Tax, equates to €24.99 incl. Tax* €24.99 incl. Tax, equates to €21.00 excl. Tax*
This small Cocktail set is the perfect entry for hobby-mixer and for those, who still wish to become one. Moreover, wrapped up as a gift this set looks good and you will please your loved one! The set contains the most essential tools you will need when preparing a classical "shaked cocktail".
The set contains the following tools:

- Boston Shaker
- Mixing glass
- Ice tong
- Strainer

Boston Shaker

This Boston shaker is made of stainless steel and equipped with a bottom cap which provides a great weighting and ensures a good stability. Thereby, the shaker won´t tip over that easily compared to common Boston shaker without bottom cap. Moreover, the shaker has a polished outside and a matt inner side. Due to its capacity of 850ml, you can easily prepare all your favourite drinks. Finally, the shaker has a diameter of 9,3cm and can be used with common mixing glasses and strainer.

Mixing glass

The common and straight mixing glass made by Libbey captivates due to its steadiness and functionality. It has a capacity of 473ml and will fit common Boston shaker. The outstanding closing feature prevents wet incidents when used properly.

Ice tong

This ice tong is made of stainless steel and has a total length of 18,0cm. It is equipped with rhombic gripping pliers. Thereby you can use this tong to handle fruit and other decoration pieces as well. The tong is made out of one piece and is flexible. The light weight simplifies the handling, so that this tong will become your favourite tool when using ice cubes or fruit.


The simple strainer is made of stainless steel as well and has a diameter of 8,0cm. Moreover, it is equipped with four stilts to ensure an easy and safe straining without shifting. Furthermore, the fine spring will hold back coarse ingredients such as ice cubes and large fruit pieces. After usage you can easily take off the spring to clean both parts separately. Finally, the handle of the strainer is equipped with a hole to hang up the tool after using.

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