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Cocktail glass, Elegance Hurricane Arcoroc - 440ml

Article number 029-1G MPN : 54584
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Cocktail glass, Elegance Hurricane Arcoroc - 440ml
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Cocktail glass, Elegance Hurricane Arcoroc - 440ml

Order No 029-1G MPN : 54584

1 Cocktail glass

Order No: 029-4
€4.57 excl. Tax, equates to €5.44 incl. Tax* €5.44 incl. Tax, equates to €4.57 excl. Tax*

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Height (cm): 20,7
Diameter (cm): 8,0
Capacity (ml): 440
Calibration (l): none
Material: glass
Colour: transparent
Surface: even
Producer: Arcoroc
Characteristics: suitable for dishwasher
This high quality cocktail glass made by the brand manufacturer Arcoroc will convince your with its stability and good break resistance. It is suitable for the cleaning process in dishwashers and lies very well in the hand. The typical Hurricane glass has a short, thick stem and a slim, stretched goblet that opens up like a tulip. A Hurricane glass is also known as Squallglass, Squall Hurricane or Fancy glass. Moreover, the capacity can vary, whereby the capacity of common Hurricane glasses range between 400ml and 700ml. The most used glasses on the market have a capacity of 440ml and offer the perfect capacity for a huge range of cocktails.

Matching Cocktails

Hurricane glasses are the ideal jugs for creamy, Caribbean and fruity cocktails, which are based on white or brown rum. These sweet and drinkable cocktails are also prepared with cream or coconut and fruit juice and served with a slice of pineapple or melon for decoration. The typical drink served in a Hurricane glass is the cocktail Hurricane. This cocktails has its origin in New Orleans and consists of Rum, orange-, passion fruit and pineapple juice. It is been served with ice cubes and decorated with a slice of orange and a cocktail cherry. This cocktail is one of the most known and popular drinks worldwide. Moreover, you can also serve delicious Coladas in this glass. A classical Colada always contains coconut cream, syrup or milk, for example by Monin or Giffard, alcohol like rum or vodka and fruit juice. The most popular Colada is the Pina Colada consisting of cream of coconut, cream, white or brown rum and pineapple juice. You can shake a Colada or mix it in a blender. Using a blender, the cream will get whipped a little bit and thereby the cocktail becomes creamier. When using a shaker, we recommend a tripartite shaker. Due to integrated sieve and small lid, the drink will get enough air and the cocktail will also get creamy.



2cl white rum
4cl brown rum
6cl orange juice
3cl passion fruit juice
3cl pineapple juice
2cl lemon juice
Pour ingredients into a shaker filled with ice cubes and shake vigorously. Fill the cocktail in a Hurricane glass with ice cubes or crushed ice and garnish with a cocktail cherry.

Pina Colada

6cl rum (white or rum - according to your taste)
4cl coconut cream
1cl cream
12cl pineapple juice
Fill ingredients and ice cubes into a shaker and shake vigorously. Serve cocktail in a Hurricane glass with crushed ice, a piece of pineapple and cocktail cherry. You can also prepare the drink in a blender. Just add some crushed ice and mix the drink. Depending on the amount of crushed ice, the Pina Colada will be like a frozen cocktail.

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Arcoroc is a brand owned by the Arc International company, a french distributor for housewares, like glasses or cutlery. In 1825 the company was founded by Alexander des Lyons de Noircarm in Arques. The Durand family bought the company in 1926. To this day, the company is privatly owned. Brands under the Arc group next to Arcoroc are Luminarc, Cristal d´Arques Paris, Chef&Sommelier and Pyrex.

In 1963 Arcoroc was developed for hotels and restaurants. The wide range of glasses combines innovation, functionality, safety and quality. Depending on your needs, you can choose between stylish glasses, stackable ones, wine glasses, colored or transparent.

Elegance combined with classic luxury, that´s Cristal d´Arques Paris. The company developed a new material named Diamax in 2010. It´s enviromentally friendly compared to classic lead crystal. It still garantees you exceptional purity, brightness, stability and quality.

Arc International´s first brand Luminarc is a mix of straightness and functionality. Luminarc products are perfect for use in restaurants and hotels as well as at home. They offer a wide range of items, such as glasses, dinner services or storage boxes.

Chef&Sommelier is a very large collection of glasses, silverware and dinner services made of high grade material. The glasses are made of kwarx. It´s a transparent material with characteristics such as resistance, purity and brilliance.